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Snakes, are they "un-loved?" - yes, Without a doubt, and certainly unknown.
To make them known is the goal of our work: not with photos or slides,nor on videos, or in cages.
Alive, present, up close, and of course, presenting absolutely no risk for spectators.

Through out this cultural show, we aim to make these animals better known, and more thourghly
understood; by de-mystifying their malignancy whilst informing on the danger that they can, at times,
represent. A correct view on these animals permits us to get over our unfounded fears, whilst
inspiring in us a healthy respect.

Mister Dieter Zorn has more than 25 years experience in this field; he manipulates different repiles
and other "un-loved" creatures, showing them to the public, whilst their particularites are explained
in detail.

The presentation of these animals is not only spectacular but also, and above all, a visual support
to our explications. The public learns, through a fascinating show, what should be general knowledge
- such as the snakes' morphology and behavior, their origins and habitats; their diets, and reproduction