The Reptiles Show

The Repiles Show is not just the expostion of animals in cages, but an educational show,
made up of manuplations and demonstrations, and all the necessary explanations in
presence of live animals. This biology lesson cum animal show never fails to captive a
audience of all ages. The three different ways of presenting The Reptiles Show can be
combined from one show to another, to adapt to any number of circumstances:
The fascinating Reptiles Show: Mr.Dieter, 25 years experience, executes extraordinary
manipulations with the most impressive live animals! He shows their particularites,
their habits, their self-defense mechanisms, and their reactions in the face of danger.
The educational Reptiles Show: An insructive presentation of the animals, to help
learn all about snakes, scorpions, and spiders. A detailed commentary is adapted
to the average age of audience members. The presentation of these animals is not
only for the show, it is also a very efficient visual support for our explanations.
The interactive Reptiles Show: The public (under no obligation) can get up close to
different inoffensive snakes. Touching and holding, stroking, and carrying these
harmless snakes is, for most people, unique and unforgetable. This experience
helps us to get over un-founded fears, and eliminate prejudices.

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